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Great Review for a Spa in Scarborough

Finally tried new Diamonds since Kelly left. Turns out that it wasn't just Kelly that left - it looks like there is a full change of ownership. Diamonds is a massage parlour in Scarborough
Welcomed by an older woman at the door - asked if I wanted to test drive a new girl. Had really good luck in the past with 'new girls' so I went for it. Paid my $40 door fee for 30 minutes, and mama-san leaves to fetch new girl. Begin to dis-robe but get interrupted by new girl. Looks to be in her mid 30s with slim figure. Kinda cute. Not exactly a fan - at this point I'm $40 in the hold, so I let it play out.
Here is where things start to go awry - the new girl then asks me to re-robe in hospital scrubs. Think this is a bit strange - but I've survived JJ Spa - how disastrous can it get?
New girl says she's never done a massage before - and that I should help her out as she goes along. She then proceeds to give a half hearted massage through the massage scrubs. Its pretty bad but I chalk it up to experience. Her english isn't very strong either so the conversation is non-existant. Expect her to ask for me to turn over 30 mins into the session - but at this point there's been no tease, and I'm fully clothed - figure that at worst I'll get nothing and I'm out $40.
But the massage goes on.... for another 15 minutes. And then she starts to begin her massage routine again!
Tell her that we're done and that time is up. I'm leaving. She says 'Wait... need to ask what to do...' and leaves the room. When she returns I'm out of the scrubs - starting to change into my street clothes. She insists that I extend the session. I ask her about her menu - if there is enough I could be persuaded to stay just for extras. She says no extras.
Outstanding because I don't want to stay anyways. Get dressed and walk out. Things take a turn when the first girl that I met then stops me at the door and asks about the massage. It sucked and I say so. First girl insists that I extend my stay for free - to 'teach' the new girl and ushers me back into the room. New girl then pulls up a chair to the table for the clothed HJ finish. Begins by laying a towel over me and rubbing through - I tell her thats not working for me so we get the towel out of the way for skin-on-skin. She looks completely disgusted for the entire session, and stares at the ceiling as she jackhammers away.
Finish up and drop a $20 tip - (what is the tip for a non-topless finish anyways?). She insists its $40. Fine - the price is terrible but I'm not going to haggle.
Prepare to leave - but instead am greeted by a male employee who finally walks me out the door. I decline the hug and finally escape.
Looks: 4.5/10
Massage: 4/10
Damage: $40 + $40 (Door + Clothed HJ Tip)
Extras: Hospital scrubs, 25 minutes extra for free, a girl sitting in a chair finish, and getting walked out by a guy.
Recommend: If you want a more expensive JJ Spa adventure - then definitely.

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Massage Parlour Spa Listings

Top Massage Parlor Stories of 2011

1. Nuru Massage.  Six Nuru providors begin offering Nuru massage in the summer. A wide variety of options become available. (Nuru Massage)
3. Christina.  Christina from SRM takes a four month vacation. Rumours of new cosmetic surgery spread. (
Brampton) (Christina)
4. Sheik's Party at Wicked Club.  Sheik hosts a party at Wicked Club downtown and six hundred people try to mingle in one room (
Toronto) (Sheik's Party at Wicked Club)
5. Jack Layton.  Soon after being exposed as a Asian Massage parlour customer, Jack Layton, Canada's favourite person, dies of cancer at age 61. (
Toronto) (Jack Layton)
6. YouTube Videos.  Several massage spas including Ambassador Spa promotes their parlours with sexy YouTube videos
8. Gossip Massage.  The Windsor massage parlour is burnt down by two men in a large violent fire. The Gossip Massage arsonists are caught on film. (
Windsor) (Gossip Massage)
9. Flirt Spa.  Flirt Spa flourished with new branding and Nuru sessions (
North York) (Flirt Spa)
11. Smartphones.  After a good 2010, the smartphone and especially the iPhone has become the communication tool of choice for owners, attendants and hobbyists.
13. Club CMJ does Burlesque.  Club Madellyn Jae hosts several Friday night Burlesque shows. The Mingle Mangle shows were very well received by the Club CMJ regulars. (
Ottawa) (Club CMJ does Burlesque)
15. Sunshine Spa Robbery.  Sunshine Spa customers are robbed late at night by three youths who escape in old car. (
North York) (Sunshine Spa Robbery)
16. Holistic Tickets.  City of Toronto bylaw officers methodically hand out "operating bodyrub" tickets to dozens of holistic spas. (
18. Bawdy House Law.  A few years ago the Supreme Court of Canada ruled that the Bawdy House Laws were unconsitutional since it placed the sexworker in a dangerous position. The ruling was upheld but is still being appealled. (
19. BackPage.  The US advertising website Backpage remains a leading place for Massage parlour promotion. It is especially popular with Asian spas who use fake photos. Most of the more established spas avoid advertising here. (
20. Manhattan Mens Club.  In Edmonton, by years end, the Manhattan Mens Club becomes the most talked about spa in the country (
Edmonton) (Manhattan Mens Club)
22. Temptation Spa.  Temptation Spa is bought, renovated and stocked with beautiful attendants (
Scarborough) (Temptation Spa)
23. Ambition Spa.  Ambition Spa thrives in the often forgotten city of Cambridge, Ontario. It is near the 401 in the part of the city formerly known as Hespeler. (
Cambridge) (Ambition Spa)
25. Palladium Spa.  Palladium Spa hires Badkat and remains as Toronto's Only 5 Star Massage Parlour. (
North York) (Palladium Spa)
27. Club Madellyn Jae.  Club Madellyn Jae thrives in the nation's capital. Jazmin opens a second location in downtown Ottawa. (
Ottawa) (Club Madellyn Jae)
29. Markham Murders.  Police increase the reward for information about the 2004 murders at Markham's Mirage Spa. (
Markham) (Markham Murders)
30. Large Labia.  The website continues being swamped by guys looking for large labias. PS: many of the web searches include the phrase "Allure Massage" (
Large Labia)
31. 416List.  The 416List Ad site is launched. It features ads from most of the top massage parlours. (
32. The New Brampton.  North York becomes The New Brampton with dozens of hot new massage parlours. By the third quarter, traffic was heavier in North York than in Brampton, the traditional hotbed for massage. (
North York)
34. Water Club.  Too many wild naked marijuana parties get The Water Club closed down. City Council was not amused. Where are all these underaged girls going to work now? It was located on the top floor of the Radisson Hotel near Vancouver airport. (
Vancouver) (Water Club)
36. Muse Bodyrub License.  The Toronto Sun reports on and photographs Muse Spa as it is successfully granted a bodyrub license transfer. They bought it from Coral Studio on the Queensway in Etobicoke. (
North York) (Muse Bodyrub License)
37. Craigslist.  Craigslist remain a friendly medium for massage parlour promotion. When the erotic section was closed, all the erotic spas moved over to the therapeutic section. You can post links but not photos. It is unfair on the legit places who got crowded out and should lobby for the old section to be restored. (
Toronto) (Craigslist)
38. Montreal Nuru Massage.  Montreal Nuru Massage opens at the corner of Drummond and Sainte Catharine in downtown Montreal. (
Toronto) (Montreal Nuru Massage)
39. Lucy moves.  The amazingly talented Lucy moves from Mount Pleasant to Yonge Street. She continues to amaze with her prostate massage skills. Not to be confused with Brazilian Lucy from Little Hollywood Spa or Lucy on Doris Avenue. (
Toronto) (Lucy moves)
40. Beyond Paradise.  This spa opened during 2011 on 118 Avenue. Decorative rooms are standard at the Beyond Paradise massage parlour. (
Edmonton) (Beyond Paradise)
41. Laurie's.  On 8 July 2011 at 4:23AM, the Woodstock police received a phone call from a passing citizen reporting smoke coming from 1057 Parkinson Road, Woodstock. On arrival, visible smoke and flames were seen coming from Laurie's Massage Parlor. It was an arson. (
Woodstock) (Laurie's)
42. Korean Body Scrub.  On Weston Road and Eglinton exists Toronto's most unique massage spa. Korean Body Scrub appears to have a loyal following. (
Toronto) (Korean Body Scrub)
43. Hamilton.  The steel city remains a decent place and Dave from Phoenix still endorses it. In 2011, a massage parlour opened on Hamilton Mountain. (
Hamilton) (Hamilton)
44. Royal Rendezvous.  Steeles Royal Spa triggers a million questions with the launch of their Royal Rendezvous promotion. Never before did 20-20-20 make men horny. (
Brampton) (Royal Rendezvous)
45. Pickering Angels.  Pickering Angels performs like top tier spa in a cloud of obscurity as one of three bodyrubs in the city (
Pickering) (Pickering Angels)
46. Keele and Finch.  Plaza at Keele and Finch operates with seven massage parlours including three bodyrubs. Green Fountain is the newest entry. (
North York) (Keele and Finch)
47. Ambrosia Spa.  It was previously known as AAA Massage before the owner died. Ambrosia Spa at 1315 Lawrence Esat is sold in fall. (
North York) (Ambrosia Spa)
49. Rosie DiManno confesses.  Toronto Star columnist Rosie DiManno admits working at a massage parlour 30 years ago named Henry the 8th. (
Toronto) (Rosie DiManno confesses)
50. Wild Rose Oasis.  Sad News from Edmonton. Wild Rose Oasis has closed after many years. (
51. GTA Girls.  GTA Girls continues photographing local ladies and putting samples on his site. He has likely seen more P*ssy than Bill Clinton. (
Toronto) (GTA Girls)
52. Swedish Touch.  After 37 years, the Swedish Touch massage parlour in downtown Vancouver closed. It was reopened a few weeks later. No explanation for this was given. Their rent is $12,000/month. (
Vancouver) (Swedish Touch)
54. Rivive Spa.  Rivive Spa had a great year. The Rainfall Shower Room is great! (
Edmonton) (Rivive Spa)
55. Kelis has Vanished.  Beautiful black massage girl Kelis has dissappeared. She was very enthusiastic about Nuru massage (
Toronto) (Kelis has Vanished)
57. 50th Street Massage.  In Edmonton, 50th Street Massage has a great yaer providing Alberta men with elegant theme rooms and great ladies (
58. Anita.  This lady is an amazing providor with a fantastic place in North Vancouver overlooking the Fraser River. And she's blonde. (
Vancouver) (Anita)
60. Extreme Bodycare.  Extreme Bodycare in Edmonton had another great year. Mika is a great addition. (
Edmonton) (Extreme Bodycare)
61. Ocean Mist.  This Sheppard Avenue spa proves if YOU BUILD IT THEY MIGHT NOT COME (
North York) (Ocean Mist)
62. NuruRub.  NuruRub opens and provides a unique upscale Nuru Massage experience (
Toronto) (NuruRub)
64. Caring Spa.  Have you been to McKee Avenue and Yonge. Caring Spa in North York is sold two times yet remains staffed with Asian hotties (
North York) (Caring Spa)
65. Carmen's Spa.  After 3 years on Bay Street near Jackson Square, Carmen has moved to a luxurious location on John Street near the Hamilton Go Station (
Hamilton) (Carmen's Spa)
66. Black Massage Parlour.  No home is left for black massage parlour attendants after Stiletto Spa is sold and reopens as HFH2 with new European roster. Many hope for the rturn Cindy Spence and her Prestige Spa. (
67. New Moon Spa.  New Moon Spa is sold two times and remains the home of several young ESL students. They have two rooms with bars on the ceiling for back-walking. (
Toronto) (New Moon Spa)
69. Edmonton.  Edmonton remains a real hotbed of massage parlour activity with dozens of spas full of primarily Canadian talent (
Edmonton) (Edmonton)
70. Kennedy Plaza.  The plaza at northeast corner of Kennedy and Sheppard operates with five Holistic spas on the main level and many more in apartments above. Princess Spa was the latest opening. (
72. York Police.  Two years later York Region Police return seized money to massage parlour attendant. Money is in wrong currency and wrong amount
73. Vincent's Empire.  Vincent operates five Asian spas in Scarborough and rotates his staff daily (
Scarborough) (Vincent's Empire)
75. Oshawa Banana Girl.  Oshawa remains a hotbed of Russian spas including VIP Wellness that is expert at massaging bananas. (
Oshawa) (Oshawa Banana Girl)
76. USA.  USA remains totally confused by Asian spas. Hundreds of consenting adults are imprisoned across America.
78. Montreal.  Montreal's massage industry continues to thrive and expand. It is approached 100 spas and even has a dedicated Nuru spa downtown. (
80. Eye Weekly.  Eye Weekly closes and reopens as the The Grid without adult ads on the back pages. Not sure what the target market is but it has great articles on urban issues. (
Toronto) (Eye Weekly)
81. Alpha Care.  Alphacare spa starts marketing on the web. It is still in the same place on Finch at Dufferin after almost 20 years. (
North York) (Alpha Care)
82. Dace Duke.  Downtown Nuru massage provider Dace Duke retires (
84. Everything To Do With Sex Show.  The Everything To Do With Sex show continues in Toronto without the major star power of Ron Jeremy. Muse Spa has a booth. (
Toronto) (Everything To Do With Sex Show)
85. Ashley Madison.  Ashley Madison continues to thrive without major new publicity (
Ashley Madison)
87. Oasis AquaLounge.  Oasis AquaLounge has a amazing year and provides massage services at some events (
Toronto) (Oasis AquaLounge)
88. Club Fantasia.  Club Fantasia at Yonge and Gerrard closes without much publicity. It was at the intersection of Yonge and Gerrard. Prtevious owner was charged with hiring underaged girl from youth shelter across the street. Had $220 door fee. (
90. Asian Spa Websites.  Many Asian spas get websites including Fujiyama Spa and Green Leaf (
Scarborough) (Asian Spa Websites)
91. Club DeLotto Video.  Months after being raided and closed down, the Club DeLotto video remains popular (
Richmond Hill) (Club DeLotto Video)
92. Touch of Silk.  Touch of Silk opens on the Queensway and remains a hidden gem for boob lovers (
94. Sexy Maids.  The website continues being overloaded by men searching for sexy French maids and other topless cleaners
95. Saher Spa.  Saher Spa opens at Eglinton and Avenue Road and features light-skinned African women from the Sahara. The owner previosly worked at Airport Spa on Dixon. (
Toronto) (Saher Spa)
96. Barrie Massage Parlours.  After being shut down in 2008, most of Barrie's massage parlours have reopened and operate without much advertising. Jessica from Signature Spa in Hamilton was spotted here. (
Barrie) (Barrie Massage Parlours)
97. Many Suburbs Quiet.  Oakville, Markham, Woodbridge and Richmond Hill do not have massage parlours and force residents to drive to other cities. (
98. SRM has Anniversary Party.  Steeles Royal has its 9th Anniversary Party at Midway Invadors. Liz goes absolutely wild on stage. (
Toronto) (SRM has Anniversary Party)
99. Downsview Spa opens.  Downsview Spa opens in, you guessed it, in Downsview. It is an Asian holistic spa in the second floor of an old plaza at Keele and Sheppard in North York. (
North York) (Downsview Spa opens)
101. A & R.  After 30 years Angelo moves A & R Massage from Dundas Street into a house on Keele Street. Location of Maya is unknown. (
103. Legends.  Legends Massage had another good year. Nothing much to report. Its hard to live up the the name LEGENDS. (
Edmonton) (Legends)
105. Green Leaf Spa is sold.  Green Leaf Spa which has showers in every room is sold to three Asian females in the fall of 2011 (
Toronto) (Green Leaf Spa is sold)
106. Sunrise Spa.  Sunrise Spa open downtown on Adelaide Ave where Rainbow II used to be west of Hooters. (
Toronto) (Sunrise Spa)
107. Luna Spa opens.  Luna Spa opens downtown in the summer on Adelaide Ave where Rainbow I used to be, on the 3rd floor next to the Fire Station. Tracey from Rainbow is AWOL. (
Toronto) (Luna Spa opens)
108. Sheik Hosts a St Patrick's Party.  Sheik hosts a St Patrick's Day party at Filmores in downtown Toronto. Lotsa Mexican girls are working and Crystal B is in attendance. (
Toronto) (Sheik Hosts a St Patrick's Party)
109. Jun Jun Spa.  Jun Jun Spa remains open at 374 College Street dispite major renovations being done on the main floor. This spa is almost ten years old and is now located in the basement. (
111. 7th Heaven.  7th Heaven opens in a house on Bloor St E in Oshawa. I suspect it has Russian massage attendants. (